“Softly, in the dim light, an old woman shared her story with me. She has walked out in the hurricane, that washed up the traces of her past. Turned it into rubble, and drowned it into the sea.

“The rest of the city blamed her for what she has gone through. Yet they only hear her story from the whispers of crows. Only few dare to walk down the hill, and open their hearts. They who did, ended up in tears and apologized.”

“She misses the colors of her past. All that once was beautiful, has now turned pale. Her days might be overused, her nights might be so empty. Yet, I still see the fire in her eyes. As memories are eternal and priceless. And now, they are on their way to be returned.”


This project was made in 2017 as a part of Kampung Kota Merekam.

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